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7 Love Day Tasks You Should Do Today!

Betcha thought I was talking about what you could do for someone else. NOPE! This is about Y-O-U!

SOOOOO…. It’s Valentine’s Day! The one day a year where folx act like flowers, candy, dinner and sex are requirements and every other day it’s back to normal. Don’t subscribe to that mess btw. If you love someone, show it as often as possible.  Kiss them everyday, make special dinners, have date nights, buy flowers, have mind-blowing orgasms and enjoy each other because this day is only one out of 365. If today is the only day you show your appreciation, do better.

Anyway =), I’ve been thinking about self-love and self-care.  I talk about these things from time to time on here but that’s ok. You can never get enough self-care to replenish your ever-dwindling cup. Check out my list below of 7 tasks you can do for love day (or any day) to show YOURSELF just how much you love YOU!

  1. Look yourself square in the face (in the mirror of course) and study what you see.
    • Too often we actually don’t look at ourselves. We look at our hair, our make-up, make sure there no crust in our eyes and no boogers in our noses… but we aren’t really looking at who is looking back at us. Study yourself, learn & know your face and the spark in your eyes. Appreciating YOU as you are, with the person who knows you best, is an ultimate act of self-love.
  2. Think of one thing you really want to do and create 2-3 steps for you to achieve that thing.
    • There are few greater feelings than achieving a goal you’ve set for yourself. Seriously take a minute (or 20) and figure out how you can mobilize yourself towards that thing you want. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself by trying to tackle so much. Just make a little treatment plan for ONE thing. Go get it!
  3. Grab your favorite food and eat it slowly.
    • Have you ever had a really deliciously creamy hot chocolate? The kind that smells like love, hopes & a warm blanket? The kind that tastes like all the gifts life has to offer? No..? Ok maybe that’s just me. I LOVE hot chocolate and when I get a good one . The point here is to savor your food item. Really pay attention to why you like it so much. Notice where the flavors hit on your tongue, how it smells, all the senses! Have a good ol’ food-gasm! You’re welcome.
  4. Have at least one really good orgasm.
    • Speaking of orgasms, make it a point to have a really amazing one! Shoot, have 2 or 3 or more if you can. You can do this solo or you can do this with a partner but take the time to make it special and savor the experience. Slow & steady makes for earth-shattering orgasms. Get you some of that in your life STAT!
  5. Get a hold of your favorite body butter, oil, lotion or cream and give yourself a thorough mini-massage as your moisturize your skin.
    • To make this even better, start off with a hot shower or bath (make it whatever temperature you like) and then spend some time loving on your skin.  Fun fact: It’s your largest organ! Most of us are so busy rushing to lotion up before leaving for work or before heading to bed because you have to get up in the morning that we don’t take the time to really notice what our skin feels like.  Notice what areas need extra attention, what is sore, what feels good, are there any new moles or other things. Familiarize yourself with your body and love on it. It’s important.
  6. Communicate clearly and honestly with someone close to you.
    • Let me tell you something, there is nothing like honoring yourself by being true with your words.  Communicating honestly and being impeccable with your word is such a great way to show how much you respect yourself and your positions. Respect and love go hand-in-hand so try it and see how you feel afterwards. It might feel tough or anxiety-provoking at first but once it’s out & over, .
  7. Make room for all of the emotional ups & downs you may be having.
    • Humans have emotions. We get so many messages telling us which ones are good to have and which ones we need to work to release but honestly, people who are NOT you can’t tell you how to feel. In addition, trying to force certain emotions away can sometimes only make you feel worse because you’re not being true to what your emotional self needs. Make room for yourself. Normalize the emotions you’re having and allow them to come in and go away. It’s part of the ebb & flow of life.

Happy Love Day Y’all & cheers to loving on yourself a little bit more than you did the day before. <3 

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