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It’s October again. Pregnancy and Infant Loss (PAIL) Awareness Month is well underway, and PAIL Awareness Week is happening as we speak! Where did this year go?!

Every year, I like to do something specific in addition to the wave of light (happening 10/15/20), any remembrance walks, and my usual candle lighting. The first year, I just gave tips, the second year, I helped to showcase BAM’s who created wonderful artwork, books, and poetry through the #BAMsCreate movement. This year, I’m stretched a little thin because of the pandemic and in transparency, got a late start on securing content for a repeat of the creative venture. It will still happen so keep an eye out in the near future.

This year, I thought hard about what I wanted to say… how I, through Black Angel Mom, could express my love for this community and my commitment to helping your healing. I said, “self, what do you want to do in honor of PAIL Awareness and to reconnect with your readers during this crazy time?” When I got quiet, it came to me: love letters. I shared the idea with some BAM’s in the private FB community and some of them wanted in on the love-letter-writing too! That’s what this community is about. Love. We share the love of our babies, we show our love for our fellow loss moms/angel moms through our support and encouragement. Below are a few love letters/love notes made especially for you <3.

If you’re wondering what you can do or if you’re needing a peptalk right now, check out two of my blog posts that I think are especially poignant right now.

The peptalk you need: https://blackangelmom.com/2018/10/17/heres-what-i-want-you-to-know/

Ideas for PAIL Awareness: https://blackangelmom.com/2017/10/02/what-you-can-do-for-pail-awareness-month/

A cool, simple, and practical way to raise PAIL Awareness AND support Black Angel Mom is to grab a popsocket! These are the little things that go on the back of your phone that help with watching content, selfies, and general scrolling sans hand-cramps. Head over to the Grab Some BAM Stuff tab to order yours.


Lastly, the Black Angel Mom Guided Journal makes a GREAT gift, resource, and/or tool to support you on your healing journey. You can grab your copy today on Amazon!

Remember, some of the smallest gestures go the longest way. Be gentle with yourselves and each other as you navigate this month and all the months to come. Sending <3.

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  1. Sending you love, Jeanae 💙

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