#BAMsCreate, black angel moms, grief & loss, Trying to figure this all out

#BAMsCreate2019: BAM Keisha

As we round out this #PAILAwareness month on our last week of October, I want to highlight another Black Angel Mom out here doing AMAZING things! Her debut book is about to be released soon and she has graciously agreed to share a snippet with you. Her book titled, From Three Heartbeats to One: A… Continue reading #BAMsCreate2019: BAM Keisha

#BAMsCreate, black angel moms, grief & loss, Trauma of it all

#BAMsCreate2019: BAM Sasha

Let me tell y'all something; BAM's are out here doing AMAZING THINGS!!! Losing a child is a horrible experience that often is unparalleled in terms of the amount of pain it causes. In the face of that pain, we are out here creating, continuing to live, working, supporting, processing, and healing. For this 4th week… Continue reading #BAMsCreate2019: BAM Sasha