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You Gon’ Get This Lesson in Patience Today!

Have you seen that old Kevin Hart comedy special where he was talking about how his dad would tell people (including him), “you gon’ learn today!”?  That was one of his funniest specials IMO because it really drove home the point that whatever you didn’t already understand, you were about to learn it. QUICKLY! As in right at this moment. It usually wasn’t a comfortable lesson but trust, it was something you couldn’t possibly miss.

Sometimes I feel like the universe has those kind of messages for you about all kinds of things. For me, right now, I think patience is one of my lessons. It feels like some things keep slipping through my grasp or like obstacles get put in place that keep me from achieving them.  It’s a struggle sometimes to try and decipher what that means… am I just not supposed to have said thing? Is it not the right time? Or am I just supposed to learn to sit the heck down and trust that things will come in time if they are meant for me?  The latter is really not ideal and it’s a hard pill to swallow when you’re a planner and a doer.  But guess what? The universe has plans for you (meaning me too) and you gon’ get this lesson in patience today!

So how does this show up?  Your plans keep getting postponed.  Other things seem to pop up that you have to handle before you get to do ‘x’.  Finances don’t align with that particular vision right now. Relationships don’t align with that particular vision. Your body said, “nope!” Your “good, good, girlfriends” are like .  Your momma is like . Maybe your spirit isn’t feeling settled. Maybe there’s a lot of stress in your life or simply too many moving parts and you just need to be still and clarify your intentions. Some or ALL of these things have happened in most of our lives whether you realize it right in the moment or not. Usually in hindsight though, it’s crystal clear.

The lesson is in patience but it’s also in recognizing the universe’s signs guiding your steps. Maybe you (I) need to meditate more, maybe you (I) need to get clear about what steps to take, maybe you need to do some body work, maybe you need to do some emotional & psychological work, maybe you need to focus on clearing up old stuff that keeps popping up in the present.  Either way, learning how to wait is a serious skill. Learning how to maximize your time when what you think you want isn’t happening on your time, so that you don’t remain stagnant and inactive. So I’m going to continue meditating, getting my acupuncture, engaging in self-care, vision-boarding, setting my intentions, handling my business affairs, writing my little blog and getting this hard lesson in patience the universe needs me to learn.

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