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We Mourn

We mourn your loss

We mourn your life

The life you didn’t get to fully live

The life we never got to witness you having

We mourn our love

The love that has no place to go

The love that’s built up in our chests so much it hurts

We mourn today

Because today has missed out on you

We mourn tomorrow

Because tomorrow will never see you

We mourn yesterday

Because yesterday we said hello, then goodbye

We mourn for all the people who didn’t get to meet you

We mourn for all the kisses we’ll never get to place on you

We mourn for the part of us that died when you did

We mourn for the existence that is life without you

We mourn for all the things we wish we could change

We mourn for the control we don’t have

And the emptiness inside

So we cry

We cry everyday…or every other day..or a few times a week

Each tear a small piece of the pain that can never be spoken

Every tear a memory never had

Every sob a word never spoken

Every wince a smile malformed

We carry you inside us

Always pregnant but no longer

We love you forever…that love makes us stronger

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