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#BAMsCreate2019: BAM Sasha

Let me tell y’all something; BAM’s are out here doing AMAZING THINGS!!! Losing a child is a horrible experience that often is unparalleled in terms of the amount of pain it causes. In the face of that pain, we are out here creating, continuing to live, working, supporting, processing, and healing.

For this 4th week of #PAILAwareness + #BAMsCreate2019, Black Angel Mom Sasha has shared some of the artwork she has created since her loss. Check out her work below:

I have been battling with sickness a lot this year and it has caused my mind to slip from time to time. The prompt for inktober was mindless and I immediately thought of myself. Sickness, pregnancy loss, and being overwhelmed as an montrepreneur, homeowner, and wife has me beat. My mind is gone.

Prompted with the word swing and immediately swing dancing from the late 1930’s came to mind. Though the world was in turmoil, all we could do was dance. And dance we did. And still today, when I can’t do anything else in a time of trouble, I dance.

“Wilted Flowers”
The pain of a mother of angels who has lost way too much. She lost her babies, her joy, her hope. As a new hole is created in her womb, a wilted flower grows in her heart. She no longer feels whole, though she holds on to hope as the tears flow down her face. “Why me?” she asks, rhetorically.

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Sasha is an artist of Jamaican descent, born in London, and raised in Washington, DC. She is the daughter of an artist and taught herself to draw. She went on to study the violin, piano, voice, theater, art, and fashion design and went to college to study fashion and theater at Fashion Institute in New York and Rutgers University in New Jersey.

She explains her style as striking and bold and a way to awaken the spirit or one or more of the senses. Her favorite medium is graphite, ink, and colored pencil. She also loves to build small models. When not doing art, she spends time with little rainbow, her husband, and her family and friends. She has overcome many losses and has lots of love and show it in her work.

Sasha also does custom art and design commissions

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