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#BAMsCreate2019: BAM Chandria

Psssttt…. Did you know BAM’s are out here writing books and stuff?! Well if you didn’t, now you know!

For this weeks installment of #BAMsCreate2019, Black Angel Mom Chandria is sharing her very first book, which will be published November 1st! The book titled, Like a Rose: The Thorns, will be available at the book release in IL on 11/2/19, and BAM Chandria can take orders via her email (likearosear@gmail.com) or through Amazon! Check out the graphic below and if you’re in Illinois, check her out at the book release.

BAM Chandria has been a guest blogger here before. Make sure to check out more of what she had to say here.

Chandria Taylor is a mom to Adelyn, Rylen, and Jacelyn. She is a teacher in St. Louis and was recently awarded PNC Early Childhood Educator of the Year. She is the founder and CEO of Like A Rose Inc, an organization dedicated to raising awareness on stillbirth and infant loss and the mental affects that come along with trauma. She is a lover of music, art, and sports but her passion that she focuses mostly on in life is helping those around her. She is dedicated to sharing her story in hopes that it will bring life to another person

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