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#BAMsCreate2019: BAM Keisha

As we round out this #PAILAwareness month on our last week of October, I want to highlight another Black Angel Mom out here doing AMAZING things! Her debut book is about to be released soon and she has graciously agreed to share a snippet with you. Her book titled, From Three Heartbeats to One: A Gentle Companion Offering Hope in Grieving Pregnancy and Infant Loss, includes this pledge we all could benefit from taking with us. Let me tell ya’ll something, I CANNOT WAIT for this to be published! Check it out below:

I am a courageous mother to a loved and precious creation.
Loss does not limit my love.
Boldly, I love my baby daily because our connection is infinite.
I grieve and honor my precious one as I choose.
I define my path of healing in grieving.
My journey in loss is unique and valid.
My loss does not have to fit a specific mold or model others’ losses.
I will never let my baby’s lifetime or our bond be dismissed or forgotten.
I move forward and adapt to loss daily.
I take care of myself—mind, body, and spirit—to endure this journey.
I am kind to and patient with myself.
I will always remember and support the many moms and families who have faced (or will face) pregnancy and infant loss.
I will always remember our babies.
I speak my baby’s name.
I treasure the gift of my baby’s lifetime.
I am forever a mom.

© 2019 Keisha Wells, LPC   From Three Heartbeats to One: A Gentle Companion Offering Hope in Grieving Pregnancy and Infant Loss

“A Pledge of Healing in Loss” is featured in Keisha Wells’ soon to be released book, From Three Heartbeats to One: A Gentle Companion Offering Hope in Grieving Pregnancy and Infant Loss. Keisha is an angel mom to her twin sons, Kyle and Kendrick, who were born prematurely and lived for a brief time. Keisha created From Three Heartbeats to One to offer angel moms hope and encouragement in navigating their grief journeys.

“I wrote this book to reduce stigma and shame, as well as promote advocacy for pregnancy and infant loss. But most importantly, to comfort my fellow angel moms on this path in honoring our precious ones and our motherhood. This pledge is a vow—a declaration—that we will honor our babies with each breath we take. We will speak their names and continue their legacies. We will be assertive in honoring our needs in grieving, as well as work to support other families whose hearts have been broken and shaped in pregnancy and infant loss. Pregnancy and infant loss takes so much from our lives but it cannot take or limit our love. I hope readers feel empowered and supported in loss after reading this book.”

To connect with Keisha and for more information about From Three Heartbeats to One, please visit www.keishawells.com. Follow Keisha on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/kwellslpc.

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