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The Journal That Saved Me

In January of 2017, I was beginning my IVF journey. I hoped it would work. It was my first try, I was scared of all the needles to come, and slowly trying to forget about all the money we just dropped on the hope of creating family.

January 2020… three years later, I am a much changed person. I have unfortunately known a love like no other, followed by a loss like no other. I have seem my children live and die in the span of a few hours. I have a become a mother, then an angel mom/loss mom, then a mother/parent of a living child, and now, an author.

I know I’ve been MIA from the blog recently because life has been ‘LIFING’ hard AF and there are some days when I’m just trying to keep my head above water. In this time, I have been finalizing something special that I hope will provide other angel parents/loss parents with guided support while they walk this journey.

The Black Angel Mom Guided Journal was conceived in 2018, and carefully created over the years as I continue to walk my own healing journey. It’s not simply a journal with pages of empty space to write. It’s a journal with carefully selected prompts and activities (and some other cool stuff) that I have personally found helpful. It’s also got some pretty dope art in it from two of my talented homies and yours truly.

I didn’t get to carry my girls, Aviva and Jora, to term. This is one of the ways I hope to share their light with the world, however brief their lives. I hope the BAM Guided Journal helps you usher in some much needed healing should you choose to pick it up. You can grab you copy HERE!

Sending love & light your way.

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