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Sitting in Solidarity…

Sitting in solidarity…

In solidarity with people who are crying

People who are not joyous at a time when everyone tells you that you should be

In solidarity with those who have lost loved ones

Those who are alone and empty

Those who cannot give thanks in this moment

Those who are angry at this moment

Those who are asking, “why did this happen to me?”


I’m sitting in solidarity with those questioning their faith

With those questioning their body

With those questioning the people around them

With those questioning their very existence in this challenging space.

In solidarity with people who paint a smile to cover the tears

People who laugh to conceal a cry

People who hold onto their loved ones with the force they can no longer use on their little ones


I’m sitting…

In quiet… in mindful… in thoughtful and thoughtless spaces

In solidarity

With those who are still avoiding social media, family & friends

Those who need both quiet when the outside is too loud

And noise when the inside is too quiet

I’m sitting in solidarity with you

With momma’s and papa’s and mzazi’s and nana’s, and omi’s…

With me.


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