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I saw you yesterday!

I thought I was mistaken so I stared a little harder but it was you.

Boldly displayed, shining for the whole world to see.

It brightened my day and I realized

Just how long it’s been since I’ve seen…you.

How long has it been? A few weeks? A few months, maybe?

Too long is all I know. I missed you so much.

I don’t think I realized how bright your light is until it wasn’t there.

How noticeable your absence was until you reappeared.

I thought to myself, “wow! There you are!”

And I was struck by the true understanding that you’re one of my favorites.

I don’t know if you know how important you are.

Do you?

How much your very presence changes a room…?

Please stay.  I know it can’t be all the time but…

Just a little while longer..?

I’ve missed you so much and I can’t wait to hear all about where you’ve been.

This was inspired by someone who stopped me the other day and said, “you know, I saw you other day and you were smiling. It made me so happy to see it. It’s been gone for a while but I want you to know you’re one of my favorite people. Happy holidays to you.”

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