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Waiting for Rainbows

When you’re trying to get pregnant whether using fertility treatments or not, you’re usually familiar with “the wait”. It’s the period of time between when you last had unprotected sex or your insemination and the earliest date you can test. This varies a little bit depending on if you’re taking an OTC pregnancy test or… Continue reading Waiting for Rainbows

7 Gems - You're Welcome, TTC (trying to conceive), Uncategorized

7 Things you Should Know About Fertility Treatments

When people hear “fertility treatment” or that someone is going to a “fertility doctor” they usually think of two things: low sperm counts and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).  Though those can be part of fertility treatments, not everyone has those issues or requires that level of intervention.  I tell you, my wife and I learned… Continue reading 7 Things you Should Know About Fertility Treatments