Little Feet, Big Footprints

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I know, I know. It has been WAAAAAAYYYYYYY too long since I last published a post. Life has been “lifing” HARD and some days the hits come too hard for me to gather myself enough to write longer content. If you follow me on IG, you know I’m semi-active there (listen… me and trying to manage social media are just one step above a struggle-bus relationship!) so 1) thanks for following, and 2) if you don’t follow me there, hop on over to do so. @Black_Angel_Mom is my handle.

Despite slacking off on some content here, I have been in the kitchen cooking up something special! My tagline for the Black Angel Mom brand is “Little Feet, Big Footprints”. This stems from a conversation I had with my mom during which she told me Aviva & Jora’s footprints were all over everything I do. My tiny babies and their tiny toes have left such a HUGE print on my heart, my relationships, and my work. I am in awe of the way my thinking has changed about many things, and most importantly, the people I have been able to reach just by sharing our story.

Their lives were heartbreakingly short, but their legacy continues to live on through me, their brother, and the WORK I am trying to put out into this world.

It started with this blog. Expanded to the private community & online presence. Continued with the Black Angel Mom Guided Journal, and now *insert trumpets*

The Little Feet, Big Footprints: A Black Angel Mom Card Deck!!! Y’all I am BEYOND excited to finally release these! They have been on my vision board since July 2017! I have gone through a few iterations of what I wanted them to be, and have finally created something that is even more than I expected. Plus, they have room to grow (can you say “expansion pack”!?!).

Here’s what you get:

Three sections of cards for your Individual Journey, Support Person Prompts/Questions, and Partner Journey. The Individual Journey section is designed with questions for you to use during journaling, reflecting, meditating, or in your therapy sessions. The Support Person Prompts/Questions section is designed to be used in support groups by the facilitators or leaders, as well as for members of the support groups to bring for discussion. Questions in this section can (AND should) also be used with family and friends. Get your circle together for an intimate (i.e., emotionally close) evening of bonding and sharing. If they’ve been asking how to support you post-loss, bust out these cards and plan your time! Lastly, the Partner Journey section is designed with you and your boo in mind. Couples/partners sometimes have significant challenges talking to each other about their loss after it happens. You may be worried about triggering each other, you may not feel understood by your partner, or you may simply not know what to say/where to start. Questions in this section help remove the guess-work, and when both/all parties consent to using the cards, you can really dig into some healing conversations.

One of my favorite things about the LFBF-BAM Deck is that even though I’ve provided some intentional separation, the cards can be used ACROSS settings! There may be something you came across in the individual journey section that you’d like to explore with your partner. You may want to bring up one of the partner journey questions in your individual therapy or support group. Or maybe you’re a clinician or support group facilitator who thinks one of the individual or partner journey questions would be a great thing to tackle as your topic for the day.

When I engage in this particular area of my work, I am always incorporating my family therapist training, perinatal mental health training, grief & loss training, and sexuality education/training. These cards are no exception to that rule so be prepared to “go there”.

So, you can grab your Little Feet, Big Footprints: A Black Angel Mom Card Deck by heading over to the “SHOP” tab of my site. As always, thank you for supporting Black Angel Mom content, and thank you for welcoming Aviva & Jora’s light <3.

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  1. Although there are no words to explain the feelings you have by not having the munchkins physically here, you have done an amazing job keeping their legacy alive! Good luck with all your endeavors and I know individuals or couples will benefit from getting these cards! Good luck my love! Mom💕

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