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My Top 7 Powerful Images

Sometimes you run across these images, gifs or quotes that just hit you right in the feels.  I’ve come across so many in my life but since June, I’ve encountered some that have really reduced me to tears almost immediately.  I know what they bring up for me but I’m curious about your thoughts and whether any resonate with you all. Feel free to comment and even share any that have really hit home for you. Check out my list below:

  1. FB_IMG_1510080936775.jpg
    • The other day I had a really rough day. It was exactly 5 months since the births of my girls and all I wanted to do was curl up & close off from the world somewhere. I saw this image in a virtual support group I’m in and teared up. I wanted to just check out from everything just like the person in this pic seems to be doing.
  2. FB_IMG_1499086135241.jpg
    • I saw this early on again in a virtual support group and it rang true for me. I never want to forget about my girls and I never want others who know us to forget either. Never speaking of them is terrifying and heartbreaking to even think about… they existed even if it was only for a short while.
  3. IMG_20170822_0656558.jpg
    • I can’t remember if I saw this before or after losing the girls but my partner and I were in our fertility clinic and it was in a book in the lobby.  It really gave me hope and helped to put some of our struggles into perspective for me.
  4. IMG_20170624_2203222.jpg
    • This is a (way too close up) picture of my tattoo in honor of our girls. It was taken the day I got it and those are their actual footprints. Their little feet were so perfect and this takes me back to being able to kiss and hold them. I remember it like it was yesterday…
  5. Image result for graphics for perinatal loss
    • This is actually a statue in another country but I saw it in an article I ready during PAIL Awareness month. I thought it captured a grieving mother so perfectly. Made me cry immediately =(
  6. FB_IMG_1506779249068
    • I loved (and love) my girls SO much y’all! That is literally all they knew and felt. Between my partner, my mom and myself giving them kisses and cuddles…I firmly believe they could feel that love across all realms.
  7. Image result for black angel baby
    • My girls were twins (obviously) so sometimes I like to imagine that they’re together comforting each other… I never wanted them to feel alone or without each other so this image always touches my heart deeply & brings me a little bit of peace.

What do y’all think of these? What images or graphics have struck a cord with you? Feel free to share in the comments. Sending <3 and healing!

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