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7 Ways to Get a Fresh Start

Losses and grief are really the worst. There’s different kinds of loss but grief is experienced with all of them, not just death. I’m going for give you 7 suggestions on how to get a fresh start after experiencing a loss. These are things I’ve done or plan to do (or things I just think are awesome and would love to do if I could):

  1. Do a detox – those who know me know that I’m an advocate for the whole30. I’ve done it twice, it’s sometimes hard af BUT you see results and learn so much about your body. Added bonus: you start making different choices at the supermarket and usually lose a little weight in the process if that’s what you’re going for. I specifically was trying to sort out the cause of my migraines and tummy that often sounded like an ocean soundtrack. Worked wonders.
  2. In the same vein as #1, get colonics. Hydro-colon therapy is the weirdest, grossest, coolest, most satisfying thing! I know some people think it’s gross but we could all use a good clean out every now and then. Make sure your body is ok to have that kind of procedure (if you have a history of polyps or other colon issues, check w/ your Doc first).  I had a ton of energy after and felt some extra pep in my step.
  3. Take a quick impromptu trip – go local or go farther away but go somewhere you haven’t been before. Go somewhere that you can clear your head and that speaks to you on a spiritual, physical, emotional level. Ideally, if you could go alone, that’s better (IMO) because it allows you to be alone with you and work on number 4.
  4. Create or Update your vision board –  set some goals for yourself, identify what you want out of your life moving forward. Think about what your loved one would’ve wanted for you or what you want for yourself despite the loss. Sometimes the loss gives you purpose or a push in a direction you wouldn’t have gone in before.
  5. Change your hair – change the color, change the style, change the length, whatever. Just try something different and see how the change makes you feel. I added some electric turquoise to my locs & am loving it!  Totally out of character for me.  You won’t be the same person after a loss so why not change up your physical appearance to compliment that change?IMG_20170812_1419275.jpg
  6. Do something that scares you – take a trip alone, go skydiving, go indoor skydiving (super fun), do an open mic night, tell someone how you feel about them unfiltered (preferably positive feelings and don’t expect a response), sit front row on a roller coaster, whatever. Just pick something and do it. It’s a way to jump start your adrenaline and make you feel alive again.
  7. Move – nothing says starting over like a relocation. Preferably, move out of state but definitely to another city if you can. The change in scenery, daily life androutine, again can get your adrenaline pumping and help you focus on starting anew.

Of course, doing any or all of these things can be invigorating but also super triggering so be prepared for those feelings to come up. It’s OK for that to happen. The “river of grief” takes us all to our healing. Sending <3.

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