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Siblings From Hell: Shame & Guilt

No, I’m not talking about Cinderella’s evil step-sisters or those creepy twins from The Shining. I’m talking about these sneaky little mofo’s that show up in life right when times are already hard. How do they show up? Shame = I am wrong | I should be something/someone different | who I am is not… Continue reading Siblings From Hell: Shame & Guilt

black angel moms, grief & loss, Trauma of it all, Trying to figure this all out

Who Are You Now…?

There are times when you notice things about yourself that seem a bit foreign.  They’re things that you don’t recall doing or thinking… ways of being that seem unlike the you, you remember. Maybe you’re more harsh than you were before. Maybe you’re more sentimental. Maybe you’re more standoffish and aloof… maybe you can’t really… Continue reading Who Are You Now…?

black angel moms, Trauma of it all, Trying to figure this all out, TTC (trying to conceive)

On Creating Families

Let's face it, the road to parenthood isn't always paved in gold and lined with roses. If you've found my blog you're either a person who has been trying to conceive & lost a baby, has children and lost a child somewhere along the way or are supporting someone in either of the situations mentioned… Continue reading On Creating Families

black angel moms, grief & loss, Trying to figure this all out

Walking Forward, Backwards…

Have you ever wondered just what in the hell was happening in your life? Like seriously, what in the world is going on with this thing?! Sometimes, it seems like things are going just as you’d like them too. Other times, it seems like somebody is playing a cruel joke on you and you’re left… Continue reading Walking Forward, Backwards…