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Not So Helpful…

Let's have a quick chat over a hot drink, shall we..? People say all kinds of things and most are not meant to be harmful. I've been having and seeing some conversations play out recently that made me think, it's about that time for another installment of "the things you shouldn't say to angel parents". … Continue reading Not So Helpful…

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7 Love Day Tasks You Should Do Today!

Betcha thought I was talking about what you could do for someone else. NOPE! This is about Y-O-U! SOOOOO…. It’s Valentine’s Day! The one day a year where folx act like flowers, candy, dinner and sex are requirements and every other day it’s back to normal. Don’t subscribe to that mess btw. If you love… Continue reading 7 Love Day Tasks You Should Do Today!

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Why You Should See a Therapist

So I know some people think therapy is BS and question why you should pay someone to complain about your problems when you can do that for free with your friends. Welp, I’m here to tell you that THE RIGHT therapist can be a godsend and can really help to get you all the way… Continue reading Why You Should See a Therapist